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2019 Food Fight Participants:

· Hold a food or fund drive! Develop a theme and set a goal!
· Collect spare change from family, friends, and co-workers.

· Plan an event: game night, movie night, adult prom... and charge admission!
· Penny Wars in your class or department
· Neighborhood Pantry Clean Out
· Denim Days: Set a price and allow your team members to wear jeans.
· Pack the Pews at your local church
· Round-up Dollar Days at your business
· Skip a Meal Out: Donate the funds saved by skipping a meal out.
· Rock the vote: Have team members vote with dollars or cans for who will have to complete an agreed upon activity. They may have to kiss a cow, shovel the walk,  or be hit in the face with a pie!

Thank you for joining the City-Wide Food Fight! Registering your project or event will help HFS promote and recognize all of the efforts happening during the MN FoodShare March Campaign!

Fun Food Fight Ideas

If you have questions about the City-Wide Food Fight please contact Kelly at 651-437-7134